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FEMdesigner History, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software development

Our history

FEMdesigner started as an engineering consultancy founded by James Gardiner, a mechanical engineer with a masters degree in Computer Aided Engineering. In the early 1990's, James noticed, as he was being called in for his FEA expertise to solve difficult design problems for the offshore, nuclear power, automotive and other industries, that FEA software being sold by established vendors was very complex and very expensive, and this is still generally true today.

James saw a need for a powerful yet affordable FEA product, and decided to combine the experience he had gained solving design problems as a consultant and the software tools he had developed to solve these problems into a software product called FEMdesigner. Released in 1994, it was one of the first Windows-based FE applications on the market.

Since then, James has continued to consult with companies in a variety of industries, solving their design problems with his FEMdesigner technology. He also continued developing FEMdesigner and selling it on the internet, creating a boutique software business that complemented his consulting practice.

Through some business contacts in 2008, James met Greg DeMars, also a mechanical engineer and a 20+ year CAD industry veteran, and they realized they shared the same vision for technical software products: simple, easy, powerful and most of all affordable. When they had the chance to join forces, James and Greg set out on a mission:
to give anyone in the design process easy access to affordable FEA.

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