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FEMd Labs

Meanwhile, back at the lab...
In addition to the regular product development that we do, we are always tinkering with something in the back room. It might be a customer request or suggestion, a tweak to existing functionality, or a whole new analysis method. In various stages of completion, this is what we are currently working on in the lab:

Work in Progress

  • FEXI3D : osteoporosis check for combined X-rays (with University of Queensland)
  • FEMfabric : Architectural stretched fabric roof design
  • Hydrostatic loading and boundary conditions, including viscosity

Back Room Projects

  • FEMdesigner+ : solids/surfacing front end for FEMdesigner
  • Squeezy : nurbs modeling add-on for Alibre design


  • Vertebroplasty contact analysis between bone and implant
  • FEXI 2D : osteoporosis check from X-rays
  • FADEC : piston design FEA Plugin for Thinkdesign and Hypercad

Send us your ideas

While there are no guarantees that any of this stuff will be incorporated into a product, we have generally been able to find a way to slipstream most of our back room development projects into product features. If there is something here that you are particularly interested in, or something that you don't see that would be valuable to you, please let us know!

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