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FEMdesigner AD - Finite Element Analysis (FEA) integrated with Alibre Design

FEMdesigner AD

Our FEMdesigner AD integration with Geomagic/Alibre puts all the power and simplicity of FEMdesigner inside the Geomagic/Alibre Design 3D parametric CAD system. FEMdesigner AD is sold through our worldwide channel of resellers, and sets a new standard for power and affordability in an integrated CAD/CAE system.

Alibre (now Geomagic) redefined the CAD world with their powerful, easy-to-use and affordable design solutions, and our FEMdesigner AD integration takes that to a whole new level of capability. Seamlessly integrated into the CAD system interface, now anyone that is part of the design process can afford integrated analysis right on their desktop. You will save time, save money and improve design quality with FEMdesigner AD.

FEMdesigner AD is offered at two product levels, Basic and Pro. Our feature comparison page shows the different features included in the two product levels.

FEMdesigner AD FEA analysis integrated with Alibre Design
FEMdesigner AD FEA analysis - interior yield zone
FEMdesigner AD FEA analysis - I-beam buckling

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