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Now Available!

Finally...affordable analysis that is Fast, Easy, and Accurate.  
FEMdesigner Hex (tm), our new standalone analysis and modeling tool, is now available.  All the speed and accuracy you have come to expect from FEMdesigner, now with integrated solid modeling!
Our Technology
Developed over more than 20 years, FEMdesigner's technology is rock-solid, accurate and optimized. Born in the high-stress environment of solving real-world mission-critical problems with tight deadlines in industries like offshore, automotive, nuclear power, consumer products, aerospace and others, our technology has proven its value time and time again.

About us
At FEMdesigner Ltd. we specialize in engineering analysis, offering our proprietary finite element methods for virtual prototyping of your new designs and verifying old ones. We are also available for consulting for general design analysis.  If you have a design challenge, we have probably seen it and solved it before.

We develop and sell FEMdesigner Hex (tm), world-class FEA with integrated solid modeling, and FEMdesigner GD (tm), an FEA addon for Geomagic Design which is our world-class solver technology seamlessly integrated into the CAD workspace.

Experts Only?
"Simulation-driven design" is a popular phrase promised by many, but it is difficult to achieve because FEA software has for too long been complex and expensive, so it tends to only be used by "experts" and "gurus." Companies can't justify the expense of more than a few seats (if any) or train more than a few people.

Expert Software without the Expert Price Tag
Our software is feature-rich and accurate but also easy to use and affordable, so that anyone involved in the design process can have analysis software at their fingertips. Design changes made later in the process are more costly and require more compromises... FEMdesigner helps you make those changes earlier. Now anyone in the design process can run analyses and make intelligent design changes early. THAT is the promise of simulation-driven design. And you can have it with FEMdesigner.
If you are ready to reduce design time, increase quality and become more profitable, download a free trial and get back to us!

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By clicking the "Download" button, you agree to receive follow-up support emails from FEMdesigner and/or your local FEMdesigner reseller to insure that your download and installation went smoothly, and to answer any product support questions you may have.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us at  support@femdesigner.com.

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