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Need Answers?

The best place to find FEMdesigner answers is the internal Help file. It is a treasure trove of technical and how-to information, and we update it with answers to new user questions with every release.

If you can't find the answer there, please contact your Reseller. Our expert Resellers around the world are happy to help.

If there's no Reseller in your area, email product support and include a detailed description of the problem. Screenshots are encouraged!

Learning Resources

Product Tutorials

FEMdesigner AD

FEMdesigner standalone


User Manual
Our new, comprehensive User Manual is currently under construction. As we complete a new section, we will publish it here. Currently available sections:

Explains loadcases and how to create, edit, delete and manipulate them.

Material properties in detail. How to create, edit, manage, and use linear and non-linear materials.

How to create finite element meshes. Best practices, maximizing accuracy and speed, dealing with difficult geometry.

Additional Information

Bonus Material Definitions* - metals (ZIP file)
Copy these text files to the mechanical materials directory (default is C:\Program Files\FEMdesigner\FemDes\Materials\Mechanical)
*Material properties courtesy of Lew Merrick

Structural material properties template file
Edit existing materials or create your own. Explains the format of the mechanical material definition file, with an example.

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